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   The company has established a sound after-sales service guarantee system, a higher level of service and service awareness, set up the Ministry of Commerce, technical support and after-sales service department, enhance product application, collect customer complaints, solve product quality problems and more timely and effective customer service. The after-sales guarantee organization is led by the sales department, followed by the customer service department, supervised by the quality management department, implemented a perfect service system, improved service ability and efficiency, given a reasonable allocation of resources, formulated the relevant standards of conduct, with business processes fast and effective as the purpose of customer service. The chairman of the board of directors of the company has worked out the after-sales service standard of "customer demand as the starting point" according to the experience of founding enterprises for many years and the characteristics of the industry. The following four service modes have been put forward: first, network or telephone service. This model is the simplest and most direct and effective. When the company receives feedback from customers such as telephone, mail, fax, etc., it will be answered directly by professional service personnel. If there are technical problems or faults that can not be answered directly, the technical support department of the company will discuss and propose solutions. The company promises that the response time will not exceed four hours. Second, door-to-door service. According to the complexity of the customer response, after the technical department approval, the agent or company sent professional and technical personnel to the scene for service. The company is anxious for customers, since receiving customer consultation within 24 hours of service arrangements; third, return visit service. This model is flexible and relatively free. The return personnel are composed of technicians and salesmen who visit the customers every year. The return visits are carried out in two ways: telephone return visit and home visit. According to the importance of customers, the company divides customers into two categories: A and B, and stipulates that type A customers visit twice a year, type B customers visit once a year; fourth, special personnel in the factory service. For several major customers, the company sent special personnel in the factory, meet the need to provide services, can be the first time to rush to the scene, to provide long-term service for customers. At present, the after-sales service network of the company has been distributed in all major customer areas, providing services according to the principle of proximity. In addition, the company has set up the Ministry of Commerce to accept complaints from customers. If there are defects in the product itself or there are objections to the work of after-sales service personnel, the company can complain to the company at any time. The company will timely feedback and deal with complaints from customers, and safeguard the rights and interests of customers.
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